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Waste to energy

RDF + SRF export

Hazardous waste

We provide solutions in the field of waste collection for further processing, recycling, disposal and waste-to-energy incineration.

Exporting different materials for further disposal or incineration for energy recovery (waste to energy).

We connect industries and waste producers with those who receive these materials for energy recovery. Fabrics, producers, cement plants, hazardous waste incinerators.

Waste to energy

Individual solutions for waste recovery in 5 countries.

Total consumption up to 150 000t per month

Different producers, cement plants, sugar mills and all those who are open and licensed to using waste as fuel.

RDF, SRF, industrial waste which includes paper, wood, plastics, glass, metals, and chemicals, as well as other materials generated by industrial, commercial, agricultural, and residential sources.

Ocean shipping

We provide ocean transportation of waste materials and solid alternative fuels by our own ships as well as ships provided by our long-term partners in the shipping industry.

We provide full transport assistance for shipping waste materials from ports around the world.

Hazardous waste

Handling, treatment and final disposal of hazardous materials and substances. In all areas of the country’s production process, where activities that generate hazardous materials are carried out, we offer a comprehensive solution for the management and handling of hazardous materials, in order to comply with international environmental standards, in these cases of contingencies or programmed disposal.

We will find you cost-effective solution in the field of hazardous industrial waste, hospital waste, chemical waste, oil sludge, automotive hazardous waste and many others.

We bring


Tell us your problem and take advantage of our wide network of partner companies and institutions. All the processes are being highly controlled by or own compliance as well as local authorities.

150 000t

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